Insect Olfaction of Plant Odour – Unpublished Studies on Colorado Potato Beetle and Aphids by Hans Visser


From my PhD study

From servosphere studies


Large wind tunnel for flying insects

wind tunnel for flying insectsphotograph from 1992

Wind tunnel for flying insects (Visser & Griepink, 1996). Abbreviations: A corner vanes, B activated charcoal filter, C outlet for air returning to air conditioning unit, D two perforated metal plates, E inlet for air coming from air conditioning unit, F centrifugal ventilator, G perforated plate in front of ventilator outlet, H activated charcoal filter, K air filter, L door towards plant section, M four damping screens, N incandescent lamp, O fluorescent lamp, P flight section with three glass windows on each side, and Q two damping screens. Arrows indicate wind direction. Scale 1 meter is shown. The wind tunnel was designed by J.H. Visser, A.M. Bransen (TFDL) and F.H. Fockens. Drawing by A.M. Bransen.


From SEM studies on the vetch aphid Megoura viciae

Explaining to Princess Maxima the Syntech servosphere in 2003